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Santa Barbara CA. 

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Meet Glynis Palazuelos 

Functional Nutrition/Health Coach

My story starts with my European mother. Even though I was raised in Los Angeles my mother feed us the way she learned from her mother. Food was always cooked fresh, bought from the California roadside stands, three whole meals a day, no snacks and no soda pop EVER! At the earliest of age I witnessed nutrition related healing. Remedies like barley water for the kidneys and peppermint for the stomach. If there was an ailment, there was a solution. That was the positive side to my childhood. But, of course there are many sides and the other side left me in need of doing some of my own inner healing and in so doing added another element to my healing practice and more empathy for my clients.

After spending time traveling and living in different countries I realized there was a need to bring health, healing and support back to everyone. 

I was drawn to helping people heal. I first became certified at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where Deepak Chopra, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. John Douillard were among some of the many teachers. 

After receiving my certification from IIN I focused my studies on Metagentics Institute where I became certified as a Firstline Therapy Practitioner. I then studied Functional Nutrition through Functional Nutrition Lab taught by Andrea Nakayama. With years of education and mindfulness training I would like to help you. 

We can do amazing healing with nutrition. 

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