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Santa Barbara CA. 

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Functional Nutrition & Health Coach


My Mission and Goals

Empowering you to achieve optimum health by assessing your dietary needs, investigating  specific nutrients unique to your needs for healing, and implementing nutrition and lifestyle changes to sustain your goals. 

I start each session with an awareness check-in.  An awareness of what you have eaten, how it felt in your body, in your gut, in your brain. How  does your brain feel.  How does your body feel. The more we can become aware of our bodies the more we can take charge and heal. It's about becoming in-touch in our bodies and our thinking. 

What we need to become aware of -

                     Digestion - bloating, gas, cramping, heartburn, elimination issues
                     Food sensitivities - belching, nausea, passing excessive amounts of gas, vomiting 
                     Cognitive issues - brain fog, memory loss, indecisiveness, difficulty concentrating, insomnia
                     Inflammation - Headaches, fatigue, loss of energy, depression, rapid aging, weight gain
                     Allergies -  hives, rash, sinus congestion, weepy eyes, itching, sneezing

The healing process is an evolving process with the unfolding of what your body is telling us. With each bit of information we can gleam from your body we can take that information and make the necessary changes to heal, to become stronger, to become clearer. 

You will be surprised by your progress. You will see the slight discomforts you felt at first were actually growing issues that, with my guidance, start to melt away leaving you in charge of your new empowered health. 

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